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As a lifelong athlete (Soccer, Track & Field, Tennis, Road/Trail Running) and private trainer (NYC/ Washington DC) with over 10 years of professional fitness training experience what separates my training, methods and practices from the rest is fear of growing old and weak, mind and body.  I have dedicated my training, my studying, my research and my daily practice to cultivating strength that matters, youthful strength. If you value your movement, your health, your body and your energy this is where you want to get your strength, movement and fitness training. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Don't waste any more time, money and most of all energy. Shoot me an email and let's set up your first session.

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I train clients out of Urban Athletic Club (Shaw/Glover Park/ Line Hotel) and in private homes and offices throughout Metro Washington DC.  You will also find me training clients in Rock Creek Park, on running tracks and athletic fields.

Gym Training Held @Urban Athletic Club

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My experience is your experience

Movement. Fitness. Strength. Balance. Mobility. Flexibility. Core. Posture.  

Don't worry we won't jump hurdles or get you inverted on the first day!